GENERATION 0 arrives in paperback on November 7, 2017!

Follow the lives of fours strangers into a global apocalypse:

Josie, a social misfit whose best friend is a switchblade knife.

Shawnika, a bookworm with a dark side that erupts when threatened.

Grace, a tomboy with a special skill that gets her into trouble as often as out of it.

Zane, a psychopath amused by suffering and murder.

As the world descends into gang warfare and the dead rot in the streets, their every moment becomes life or death. Every choice blurs the line between good and evil. Every action chips away at their humanity. And when a maelstrom of events forces their paths to cross, they’ll each will discover what they’re really made of.

Generation 0: Are they the end of mankind, or a new beginning?

Amazon paperback pre-order

Barnes & Noble paperback pre-order

Kindle e-book (available now)



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