You’re visiting the About page for the writer Alex Vorkov, perhaps because the voices in your head advised you to do so. The voices in your head haven’t steered you wrong yet, have they?

I am the author of Generation 0, a novel I like to call “a young-adult book for actual adults.” It’s got all the blood, dirt, profanity, piles of rotting corpses, and gruesome kid-on-kid violence you wished was in The Fault in Our Stars.

When I’m not writing books, I’m watching or talking about horror, science fiction, and trashy cinema, especially `70s and `80s independent and grindhouse flicks, although I’m more than happy to sit back and watch The Shining for the 100th time too. Universal classic horror, Hammer films, Amicus anthologies, Italian giallo, Fulci, Philippine island horror, slasher films, Harryhausen, alien invaders, Godzilla, Star Trek … I’m down with all of it.

This is not a picture of me (I’m way meltier).



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